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Health Tourism In Iran

Health Tourism In Iran

Health Tourism In Iran

4 November 2020 Manager Uncategorized

Are you planning on having a medical or cosmetics surgery?

Are you seeking medical centers which offer the best services with the best surgeons, the finest medical equipment, and the most competitive prices?

Are you looking to visit a country in which hotel, hospital, and transportation reservations will be made for you at an affordable price?

If your answer to all those questions was yes, then now is the time to visit the beautiful country of Iran.

The hospitable people, lovely weather, and most importantly, the best medical centers and the most acknowledged surgeons and doctors will definitely make this trip one to be remembered. At Ali Teb Health Tourism Co. we will make sure you have the best experience.

Health Tourism In Iran

Have a trip to Iran for your health and beauty. Like the hundreds of thousands of health tourists who visit Iran and leave happily,

you will leave with a smile on your face. We at Ali Teb Health Tourism promise you will have a wonderful experience with us, as we will handle all your reservations, give you the best guidance on what to do, and take care of all your needs. We work the best medical centers and the most experienced surgeons.

How many people visit Iran for health tourism each year?

Between 500,000 and 550,000 tourists visited Iran from neighboring and other countries for medical purposes last year. Close to 72,000 of these tourists were hospitalized and the rest were outpatients. Around 70% of health tourists visiting Iran seek services in five medical fields, namely gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, cardiology and cosmetic surgery.

Iran has the capacity to receive 2-2.5 million health tourists per year, particularly for outpatient services. Last year, a total of $1.2 billion in revenues were generated through health tourism. The figure has increased by 20-30% during the first four months of this year.

The main reason that most tourists visit Iran for medical purposes, and many who have already had surgeries come back, is because of the amazing experience and the wonderful surgeons that Iran offers.

Cosmetic and open heart surgeries, as well as orthopedic and female fertility treatments top the list of causes for which health tourists visit Iran.

Why Iran Though?

The people of Iran have a high rate of cosmetic surgeries per-capita so our cosmetic surgeons are highly educated and experienced, just like the medical doctors and surgeons.

Iran has the most rhinoplasty surgeries in the while world. So people from all over the globe come to Iran to get a nose job because the rhinoplasty surgeons have unmatched expertise in this field.

At Ali Teb Health Tourism, we offer ticket, hotel, hospital, pre and post operative reservation services at the best prices. We work with the best medical centers and surgeons and we have a remarkable resume for cosmetic and medical surgeries done by our patients.


Health Tourism In Iran

One of the reasons for the increase in the number of Iran’s health touriststs is that the depreciation of Iranian rial against foreign currencies has made travelling to Iran much more affordable. Some of the daily costs are as follows:

Hotel: Around $30 per day for 4 star hotels and better.

Food: Around $2 a day per person.

Transportation: Around $2 on a busy day.

And here’s a comparison of the average cost of some cosmetic and medical surgeries in Iran and the United States:

• Rhinoplasty: Around $1000 in Iran and $5400 in the U.S.

• Bariatric weigh loss surgery: Up to $5000 in Iran and around $24000 in the U.S.

• Arm lift: Approximately $2000 in Iran and $4500 in the U.S.

•Open heart surgery: Starting from $3800 in Iran and up to $100,000 in the U.S.

•LASIC: Around $550 in Iran and up to $3000 per eye in the U.S.

With Ali Teb Health Tourism Co. you can expect the most competitive prices and the best quality for all operations.

Doctors and medical centers

Iran has some of the most talented and experienced surgeons in the world.

There are many surgeons in Iran who have a great reputation among health tourists. Surgeons who have many clients in the neighboring countries, Europe, and even the United States, Canada, and Australia. The medical center working with Ali Teb Health Tourism in Tehran, operates with some of the best beauty surgeons in the country. Dr. Yahyawi, Dr. Hassani, Dr. Hamidreza Nouri, Dr. Mohebbi, Dr. Hadi Amali, Dr. Ali Qaruni, Dr. Motabar, Dr. Ali Miqani, Dr. Aflaki, Dr. Javadani, Dr. Rozita Besharatzadeh, Dr. Mohsen Fadaei, Dr. Najaf Beigi, Dr. Mofrad and in Mashhad, Dr. Ramezani, Dr.  Bakhshaei, Dr. Kianoosh Nahid, Dr. Sarabi, Dr. Khadivi, Dr. Mir Hossein Sarvari, Dr. Hamedi, and in Shiraz Dr. Dastgheib ​and Dr. Sarikhani.

In the field of eye surgery, Iran’s best doctors include Dr. Ali Asghar Khodadoust, a world-renowned corneal transplant surgeon who has been honored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and UNESCO for his observation of endothelial rejection line which has been named after him as Khodadoust Line, as well as Dr. Hamid Ahmadieh, a top-rated Iranian ophthalmologist in retina surgery who has been also awarded by the American Academy of Ophtalmology.

Iran has many reputable clinics and hospitals which offer all surgical treatments for various causes, be it  major or minor, and medical or cosmetic.

Ali Teb Health Tourism works with the best and the best only, when it comes to choosing the medical and beauty centers and surgeons. We value our costumers’ health, trust, time, and money, and we do anything we possibly can to make sure you have the best experience.

What else?

Iran is a very safe place to travel, so much so that many travelers describe it as the ‘safest country I’ve ever been to’, or ‘much safer than travelling in Europe’. Iran is also described to be beautiful and cultured. As for the people of Iran, they are said to be one of the kindest and most hospitable people in the world by foreigners.

Iranians are really friendly and there is no place in Iran that you will not feel welcome. We love hanging out with foreigners and we do everything we can to help them have the best time.

If you are a health tourist, things are no different. We want to consult you in every step of the way, help you make the best decision, and then make your dreams a reality. Be it a dream to have a doll nose, or to have a healthy heart. We got you!

Health Tourism In Iran

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